The recent Coronavirus or COVID-19, has gained an infamous reputation in a short amount of time. The nature of the virus is difficult to treat because of the complexity this virus exhibits. Most people who become infected with COVID-19 do not exhibit symptoms till approximately 14 days, making the virus extremely difficult to track and unfortunately even more difficult to contain.

Betancourt’s Painting & Pressure Cleaning adheres to all OSHA, CDC and IICRC procedures, protocols, and guidelines to safely disinfect any area.

→ Betancourt’s Painting & Pressure Cleaning Adheres to all CDC guidelines using broad spectrum disinfectants to kill viruses and bacterium.
→ All surfaces are decontaminate by approved EPA/CDC products using a chemical fogging system.
→ Full-body PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) based on CDC guidelines is worn by all technicians.

What is the Process of Areas of Disinfection?

Betancourt’s Painting & Pressure Cleaning follows all CDC protocols regarding cleaning areas that may be contaminated. We will disinfect any business, residential home, RV, boat, or automobile! We disinfect the entire area with state of the art antimicrobial fogging machines using EPA-registered disinfectants that kills harmful bacteria within seconds. In as little as an hour after our technicians are done disinfecting, the space may be reoccupied.

Disease and Outbreaks are a serious matter. Should you believe to be in a contaminated area or would like to have peace of mind knowing your space is completely disinfected, call us immediately for assistance. We strive to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible, call Betancourt’s Painting & Pressure Cleaning.

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